The Emperor’s New Clothes

She has been enjoying her week at camp, and is interested in addressing some of the issues you’ve identified with her breathing and her jaw.  She has been taking lessons, but it sounds like the lessons she’s had with you are taking things to a new level.   Lena Kate has always loved singing but has read more

“The Princess and the Pea”

The production was truly a masterful, professional work! It was one of the most beautiful shows I’ve ever seen. Fantastic! Thank you for doing such great work with the kids and inspiring them with this higher art.  Luanne Field My appreciation truly is to you, Simon, Timothy and Vance.  I can’t believe what you did read more

“The Dueling Sopranos”

Your “Dueling Sopranos Holistic Opera” was a riot – and a delight to hear. Such wonderful voices and quite hysterical camaraderie.   Ed Wunderlich Your show was a delightful surprise! Much more theatrical and funny than expected, and the solos and sopranos were wonderful. What a thrill to hear the company’s voices fill the rafters, literally! read more

“The Gondoliers”

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Saturday evening performance of “The Gondoliers.”  “Fully staged” is right!  Wow.  I was amazed how much choreography was involved, all the way through and with so many actors.  The costumes were very good, everyone seemed to exude their characters with body language as well read more