About Us

Lyrique_at_piano_2Opera Creations is an operatic/entertainment ensemble formed in 2010 by local, professional musicians who collectively bring world class skills to their performances and instruction.  In addition to staged opera and operetta, the group also performs recitals and concerts under the moniker, Nuance Lyrique. Members are Karen Svites, Vance Reese, Simone Vigilante and Randy Outland.

As a designated 501C3 organization, our mission is to share and promote musical expertise through entertainment and education, while creating performance opportunities for local singing artists.  Our programs are varied each year and include master classes for gifted vocal students, typically university and advanced high school singers, but also adult solo singers interested in improving their technical and interpretive skills; staged scenes or full productions with students performing alongside seasoned professionals; and various recitals and concerts featuring a wide range of musical styles and composers. Each season may include a variety of activities, including musical revues, school collaborations, private performances or fundraisers for local non-profit organizations. Owing to our 501C3 designation, donations to Opera Creations are tax-deductible under the IRS tax rules governing that designation.

The idea of this continued collaboration began seven years ago, with the outstanding success of our own original comedic drama, The Dueling Sopranos. Based on a history of the competitive nature of some sopranos, Simone and Karen go to great lengths to compete for stardom with hilarious results causing an uproar of uncontrollable laughter from the delighted audience.   We promise future performances of this popular production in upcoming seasons.