“The Gondoliers”

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I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Saturday evening performance of “The Gondoliers.”  “Fully staged” is right!  Wow.  I was amazed how much choreography was involved, all the way through and with so many actors.  The costumes were very good, everyone seemed to exude their characters with body language as well as with their lines.  We didn’t know the show, so we were please how well we could follow the lyrics.  Just a wonderful evening!  Great to see such talent on display.    Barbara Griswold

We want you to know how impressed we were with the production of “The Gondoliers” and how much we enjoyed it.  We are delighted when we find more opportunities to indulge in G & S closer to home.  I must comment about the magnificent set in the first act.  The artistry was exceptional.  Most remarkable!  We look forward to seeing more of what Opera Creations produces.  Your mission of providing opportunities for talented young musicians is what will keep the world of performance moving forward.  We commend you all for that.    Jean and Gaylord Baker

Musically, this experience helped me to grow in my understanding of the correct vocal “space” for singing. It also made me better at reading rhythm, especially 6/8. I even began to learn to act and sing at the same time, something I had certainly never done before. This experience also aided my growth as a person.  I was able to overcome my fear of singing “high,” at least to an extent. I was also able to lose some of my inhibitions about acting onstage.                   Rachel Owen (Mainstage Apprentice)

Studying with any of the professional members of this cast would be an incredible educational experience, but stepping out of the studio environment and observing their craft (as well as having the privilege of working with them) added a priceless organic element to the process.  I walked away from this experience with a trove of knowledge about acting technique, performance etiquette, and stage application of what I’ve learned in a studio setting.                      Dustin Hooper (Mainstage Apprentice)

I feel I learned a lot about vocal technique and voice in a production setting. It was good for me to be around so many skilled singers and to hear the way they handled their voices.   Katie Walton (Mainstage Apprentice)

 Being in this production enabled me to grow substantially as a person who is a musician. Getting a chance to be around professionals and other actors, allowed me to see the potential that I have and allowed me to aspire to become a better actor, singer, and musician. It showed me the areas that I need to work on and it highlighted the things that I am getting better at doing. It was an amazing learning opportunity which I will never forget.  Lacy Hudson (Mainstage Apprentice)

I Despise being in front of people, and I hate being the center of attention. I discovered that once I entered a character or a piece of art, though, I was able to let go of my fear of being in front of people, and I really enjoyed it. Most liberating of all, I realized that I might even become good at it, and keep doing it for the rest of my life.                  Stephen Long  (Mainstage Apprentice)

This experience was wonderfully helpful.  I most benefited from learning and talking with people who share my dream and love of singing I was able to ask questions and gain understanding about what types of jobs are available for singers in this area and what I should expect.  Being in Gondoliers sharpened my confidence in my own musical abilities. I learned that  when I put my mind to doing something great things happen and I should not be afraid. I leaned more about my voice and how to use it to tell a story and in body a character.  I also learned that a cast can be so much more than a group of stuffy actors but a family that works hard and cares deeply for one another. I am
thankful for all the friendships I have gained from this experience and how those friends have been so willy to embrace each other and teach each other. together we did something beautiful that I will forever hold dear to my heart!   Erica Metcalf  (Mainstage Apprentice)