What's_up_Nuance_Lyrique_400Opera Creations

(a.k.a. Nuance Lyrique)

Opera Creations is an operatic/entertainment ensemble formed in 2010 by local, professional musicians who collectively bring world class skills to their performances and instruction. In addition to staged opera and operetta, the group also performs recitals and concerts under the moniker, Nuance Lyrique. Members are Randy Outland, Karen Svites, Simone Vigilante, and Vance Reese.

As a designated 501C3 organization, our mission is to share and promote musical expertise through entertainment and education, while creating performance opportunities for local singing artists. Each season may include a variety of activities, including musical revues, school collaborations, private performances or fundraisers for local non-profit organizations.

Financial support for the arts has always been majorly supported by the private sector in the United States. In recent years that support has become indispensable in allowing the arts to flourish in our communities. We are always grateful to those who demonstrate their appreciation of our efforts by their financial support of our mission. Owing to our 501C3 designation, donations to Opera Creations are tax-deductible under the IRS tax rules governing that designation.